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Smoking ban at arena entrances to be weighed


Town council has referred a written request from Dr. Lorena Jenks to have a bylaw banning smoking outside both main entrances to the Memorial Sports Centre to the Community Services executive committee for its recommendation.

At its meeting Monday night, council received a letter from Dr. Jenks outlining why she wanted to see the ban put in place.

“My understanding of the current provincial law is that there is to be no smoking nine metres from the entrance to a public facility, such as hospital and schools,” Dr. Jenks wrote.

“I realize that this does not include the arena, but I think that the town can be proactive in this respect and make their own bylaw so that smoking is prohibited in this area.

“The main reason for prohibiting smoking should be, first of all, that it sets a very bad example for the hundreds of children that enter the arena complex each day, and secondly, it forces non-smokers to walk through second-hand smoke with all its attendant health risks,” Dr. Jenks added, noting the health risks related to first- and second-hand smoke are well-known and need not be repeated.

“Since this is a town that is obviously committed to improving the health and well-being of its citizens, you should pass this bylaw forthwith as there really is no good reason not to,” Dr. Jenks concluded.

Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:

•received a letter from A.M. McDiarmid regarding “Smart Meters” and referred it to the Operations and Facilities executive committee for its recommendation;

•approved a request from Fort Frances Royal Canadian Legion Br. #29 to proclaim Nov. 5-11 at “Poppy Week” in the Town of Fort Frances;

•approved a list of items that no longer are of any use to the town, declared surplus, and will be made available to the public;

•directed the clerk to give notice to Iron Mountain Canada Corp. to terminate the service contract with them and enter into a one-year service contract with Shred-it for document shredding services effective as soon as possible;

•approved a report recommending the replacement of grit removal equipment at the wastewater treatment plant be selected and submitted as the town’s project under the Building Canada Funding Program, and that the town’s one-third funding requirement of $216,667 be supported from the existing sewer reserve funds;

•approved a report from the Administration and Finance, Operations and Facilities, and Planning and Development executive committees recommending that Jason Kabel’s proposal for the utilization of the local improvement process be denied;

•agreed to a recommendation from the Administration and Finance executive committee to receive the 2008 Business Retention and Expansion Plan; and

•approved CAO Mark McCaig’s purchase card expenses in the amount of $66.06 for ground transportation to the AMO conference held in Ottawa and entertainment while attending the recent tourism consultation study in Kenora.

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