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Schools here keep improving on testing


Both the Rainy River District School Board and Northwest Catholic School Board are pleased with the continued improvements and results in student achievement following the release of EQA0 results for the 2007-08 year.

EQAO consists of annual province-wide testing of Grade 3 and 6 students in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Grade 9 students also are tested in mathematics.

One big highlight locally is that both Fort Frances High School, and St. Joseph’s School in Dryden were chosen among a handful of others by the EQAO as “success stories” out of hundreds of schools across the province.

Other highlights of the EQAO results for the local public board include the percentage of Grade 3 students performing at or above provincial standards has increased from 56 to 64 percent for reading in the past five years, and from 64 to 71 percent in mathematics.

At 62 percent for writing, the figure sits above the provincial average by one percent.

For Grade 6 students, reading scores increased from 54 to 71 percent, along with an increase from 42 to 62 percent in writing. Math results, on the other hand, decreased slightly from 56 to 53 percent.

And for Grade 9 students taking the EQAO test for applied mathematics, the average across the board rose from 21 percent five years ago to 36 percent this year.

One large increase came in the results for Grade 9 students taking the EQAO test for academic mathematics. Five years ago, the board’s average score sat at 65 percent, but it jumped to 88 percent this year—well above the provincial average of 75 percent.

Highlights for the local Catholic board include reading scores for Grade 3 students are at 56 percent, writing scores at 60 percent, while mathematics scores have reached a five-year high of 75 percent—a level that also sits above the provincial average of 68 percent.

For its Grade 6 students, reading scores were at 69 percent, placing them above the provincial average. Writing scores were at 62 percent while mathematics scores were on par with the provincial average at 61 percent.

Both St. Michael’s School and St. Francis School here scored well above the provincial average in certain areas, with St. Michael’s Grade 3 results in reading at 78 percent (17 percent above average), writing at 72 percent (13 percent above average), and math at 80 percent (12 percent above average.

St. Francis’ Grade 6 scores were at 79 percent for reading (13 percent above average), 70 percent for writing (six percent above average), and 68 percent for mathematics (five percent above average).

Complete testing results for individual schools can be found online at the EQAO’s website at (results where less than 15 students in a school participated are not released due to concern for student privacy).

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