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RRFDC gets new tool for business training


The Rainy River Future Development Corp. has a new videoconferencing unit installed and ready to go, enabling it to bring business training to the district easier than ever before.

The unit, provided by the Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre, allows the RRFDC to provide various types of business training from the Canada-Manitoba Business Service Centre out of Winnipeg, RRFDC business investment officer Angela Halvorsen noted Monday.

“We’re pretty excited,” she said, adding the videoconferencing unit just arrived at the RRFDC office (located at 608 Scott St.) on Friday and has since been installed and tested.

Halvorsen said the new technology will give a boost to the business training the RRFDC already offers.

“We’re still going to be doing live sessions when we have the trainer right there. However, a lot of these sessions would generally cost us a lot,” she remarked, noting to bring in a qualified speaker to talk about how to buy a business, for example, might cost the RRFDC $3,000 when fees, travel costs, accommodations, and meals are all considered.

But Halvorsen said the cost of using the videoconferencing unit is “minimal,” consisting of an annual maintenance contract and a dedicated Internet line.

“That’s why we are charging just a little fee for each person [$5 per session],” she explained. “We’re not doing it to make money, we’re just trying to get that cost covered to be able to provide the service.

“So what would normally cost us $3,000, and that’s just an example, we can then offer to people for $5 because it’s through videoconferencing.

“You get to see that same guy on the video screen—see him, hear him, communicate with him,” Halvorsen stressed. “They’ll be able to see and hear us, as well. There will be question-and-answer periods.

“It’s really bringing us more into the age of technology, being able to provide some of this training where we wouldn’t have been able to afford all of it,” she noted, adding the lineup of sessions being provided in October alone the RRFDC would have had to spread out over five years in order to afford to bring them here.

“Now, what we could do in five years, we can do in one month. It’s really exciting,” she enthused.

Halvorsen said there’s “an amazing lineup for October,” with session topics ranging from “Dynamic Sales Presentation,” “The Smart Executive Holistic Approach to Management,” and “Taking the Mystery out of Advertising” to “Advanced Strategic Planning,” “Interviewing Skills,” and “Branding Basics.” For a complete listing of the sessions and when they run, visit

The RRFDC can run the sessions no matter if there is one person or 20 people signed up, noted Halvorsen, although adding a maximum of about 25 people per session can sign up due to the size of the boardroom there.

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