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Rafferty swept every poll here in town


As the election dust starts to settle, returning offices across the country are releasing finalized poll by poll vote counts.

Little has changed from the preliminary results for the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding, where NDP candidate John Rafferty was elected with 14,478 votes (40.3 percent).

He was followed by incumbent Liberal Ken Boshcoff with 11,589 votes (32.2 percent).

Conservative candidate Richard Neumann came in third with 8,466 votes (23.6 percent) while Green Party candidate Russ Aegard was last with 1,377 votes (3.8 percent).

While those were the results from all of the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding, a different picture is painted looking at the more than 8,000 votes which were cast here in Rainy River District.

Of those votes, roughly 44.5 percent went to Rafferty, with Neumann coming second with 28.7 percent.

Boshcoff was in third with 23.7 percent, followed by Aegard at 3.1 percent.

Rafferty had strong support across the district, winning at 40 polls, including a sweep in Fort Frances.

But west of town, it was Neumann who came out on top at the majority of polling stations. In places like Emo, Barwick, and Stratton, Neumann often captured more than 50 percent of the vote.

Neumann also edged out Boshcoff here in Fort Frances.

With the exception of one polling station in Atikokan, and a tie in Mine Centre, Boshcoff was shut out of Rainy River District.

Despite not coming in first at any poll, the only candidate who saw a consistent increase in votes across the district was Aegard.

The gain only amounted to an additional 76 votes for the Green Party candidate, but by comparison, Rafferty only garnered a mere 44 more votes than he had in the 2006 election, in which he finished second to Boshcoff.

In related news, the number of voters taking advantage of the three local advanced polls jumped. Some 1,325 votes were cast prior to voting day Oct. 14, well up from the 1,021 cast during the 2006 election.

Yet even this increase wasn’t enough to allow the district to buck the nationwide trend of lower voter turnout. Almost 700 fewer votes were cast across the district this time—a number that was split between both the Conservative and Liberal candidates.

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