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Dronyks taking on ‘Tasty Delivery’


You could call it a hearty venture, and one that could come right to your door.

Terry and Nancy Dronyk officially kicked off their “Tasty Delivery” business yesterday, offering soup-and-sandwich delivery to the Fort Frances lunch crowd.

The idea came from a home-business book she was flipping through in November.

“[Terry] wanted to start a business but he just wasn’t sure,” Dronyk explained, adding she came across the idea for making nutritious lunches that could be delivered to a workplace.

“He makes such good soups,” she added.

Things took off from there. After getting a business licence and the nod from the public health inspector, the Fort Frances couple put out the first of their rotating menus Dec. 15 to some businesses as a way to test market their product.

Then on Monday, they offered a sampling to various places around town in anticipation of yesterday’s grand opening.

Nancy Dronyk admitted her role in the business was limited to the marketing.

“I am the go-getter," she smiled. "As for the shopping and everything else, Terry does it.”

And that means an early work day. Action starts in the kitchen at 7 a.m., with soups and sandwiches made fresh daily. Lunches are delivered from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (although they’ll go as late a 2 p.m. if needed).

And while they appreciate orders placed a day in advance, the Dronyks will take calls up to noon.

Dronyk said he wanted to start out small, sticking to soups, sandwiches, rolls, and beverages. While there could be room for expansion, such as adding desserts, the couple is waiting to see how their venture is received first.

“That was my hesitation. I don’t want to get too big," Dronyk admitted, figuring he’d like to see about 30 customers a day. ”Any more than that, I’d need to get help.

“If it comes down to it, I may end up hiring somebody,” he added.

But Dronyk also is hoping to tap into business meetings, noting with a day’s notice, he could bring in lunch for a number of people.

Though he’s been cooking since his bachelor days, Dronyk began focusing on soups only about a year ago. He prefers using fresh vegetables, with only frozen beans and peas added to the pot.

The key to making the soups, Dronyk stressed, was being consistent. When people enjoy a soup, they want it to taste the same the next time they have it, so he sticks to recipes he’s tested several times to make sure they turn out the same.

“There’s a few on there that I just make up on my own,” he noted, adding he’d be testing recipes weekly to include on the menu.

As for their personal favourites, Nancy Dronyk said she loved the Chicken Vegetable Chowder and Minestrone. But her husband was hesitant to pick which one he like best.

“I like them all,” he laughed.

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