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Council asking for public input on budget


Town council will begin its 2009 budget process tonight with an open meeting to get input from the public.

Two speakers are on the agenda. Chamber of Commerce first vice-president Cathy Emes will speak on behalf of the membership while local resident Dino D’Agostini will make a request regarding assisted living apartments in town.

However, Clerk Glenn Treftlin noted Friday that the rest of the public is welcome to attend tonight’s meeting and step up to the microphone to offer their input if they so choose.

Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes each.

Council approved a timetable at its Sept. 8 meeting, which aims to see the 2009 budget passed by April 13.

The timetable indicates that after tonight’s public meeting, the four executive committees will take the information received and review it during the week of Oct. 6-10.

These same committees then will review the various division budgets during the week of Nov. 17-21.

Information then will be handed over to treasurer Laurie Witherspoon by Nov. 28, who, in turn, will consolidate the data into a draft operational and capital forecast.

This draft, and other budget information, then will be reviewed repeatedly by town administration and the committee of the whole throughout December, January, February, and early March before being brought up for ratification by council on March 9.

Over these months, the committee of the whole will meet every alternate week to regular council meetings to review the budget.

A second public meeting then will be held Monday, March 23, with the budget anticipated to be ready for a final vote April 13.

Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., with the public budget meeting being the third item on the agenda.

The committee of the whole will meet first downstairs starting at 5 p.m., but be in-camera until 6:50.

Other business at tonight’s council meeting will include:

•a public meeting regarding applications for tax adjustment;

•a public meeting regarding the amendment of Bylaw No. 57/05 (the Business Licensing By-Law) regarding transmodal containers;

•a request from the local Salvation Army for a designated parking spot in front of its citadel on Victoria Avenue;

•a request from L. Webb regarding the purchase of a lane;

•a request from M. Carmody regarding the purchase of property located on McIrvine Road;

•a bylaw to amend Bylaw No. 57/05 (the Business Licensing By-Law) with respect to transmodal containers;

•a bylaw to authorize entering into a lease renewal agreement with Walter Seis at the Fort Frances Municipal Airport;

•information regarding a Ministry of Tourism Competitiveness Study and the Ontario Tourism Travel Information Centre; and

•OPP CERB Services 9-1-1 agreement.

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