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Computer literacy tops in job market


Check the job ads of any major newspaper these days and you’ll find computer-related careers take up a lot of the space.

The fact that hi-tech careers are a high-growth area on the job market is a cue for high school students planning their futures, suggested Carol Brown, a labour market analyst with Human Resources Development Canada’s Employment Services office in Kenora.

But she’s not implying that the home computer is the ticket to a great paying job.

“Youth have to plan for more [computer] education. Computer technology is a major player in the job market,” she said Monday.

“We are seeing more and more of that [even] at the local level [and] across the whole region," Brown added. "Almost any industry from forestry to mining are taking on computer technology.”

Computers are one of two high-growth employment areas Confederation College’s Fort Frances campus is addressing with its program line-up for this fall.

Courses in computer programmer analyst and human resource management are among them, and statistics indicate they can offer good prospects in the job department for successful graduates, said Don Lovisa, manager of community programs here.

“These high-growth areas may not specifically be in Fort Frances [though] and students have to be prepared to seek employment where the job opportunities are,” he noted.

Andy Lesko, manager of human resources at La Verendrye hospital here, agreed there’s a growing trend but not just for technical expertise—for specific health care workers, as well.

“Rehabilitation and physiotherapy areas are increasing in demand, too,” he noted.

“[But] people who are very good at computer systems like program analysts . . . there are scads of ads for these types of jobs,” reasoned Lesko.

Meanwhile, Nancy Dittaro, human resources co-ordinator for Abitibi-Consolidated here, had some wise words for today’s youth who are in the process of determining their job future by their present actions.

“For anybody in this day and age, number one is their schooling and making sure they receive their high school diploma,” she stressed.

“And the more training you receive, even on a personal level, the more you can improve yourself [the better],” she added.

“And a good background, good references," she said. "We are very strict about [all] those things in getting the best candidate. We don’t lower our standards here.”

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