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Ban urged on dogs riding in backs of pickups


Town council will receive a request tonight from local resident Nadia Hedman to establish a bylaw prohibiting animals travelling in the backs of trucks.

In a written plea to council (which also appeared as a letter to the editor last Wednesday), Hedman said the practice of dogs riding in the back of pickup trucks is not only potentially harmful to the animals, but to others if the animal were to fly out of the truck into the path of motorists, causing them to either hit the animals or veer and drive into a ditch, telephone pole, rocks, or bush.

She noted there currently are bylaws against this elsewhere, such as in Calgary, and felt having a similar one here is “common sense” on the part of council.

“Surely asking for a bylaw prohibiting this dangerous act of transporting pets in the backs of trucks, because of possible injury to people and certain injury and/or death of the animal, is not unreasonable,” wrote Hedman.

Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 7:20 p.m.

The committee of the whole will meet first downstairs at 5:30 p.m., but be in-camera until about 6:50, after which time they will convene in Council Chambers.

Other business on the agenda tonight will include:

•results of a request for proposal for the design, fabrication, and installation of interpretive signage and way-finding for the Heritage Tourism Project;

•a report on an optimization study for the sewage treatment plant;

•a report on the renewal of a lease agreement with CN for land to be used as a parking lot for Public Works staff;

•a report on the renewal of lease agreements at the airport;

•minutes of settlement for requests for reconsideration for properties at 1027 Victoria Ave., 408 Nelson St., and 238 Church St.;

•correspondence from the Fort Frances Power Corp. regarding a 2009 budget item;

•a request from Joelle Blanc to attend the “Community Chest” benefit dinner on Sunday, March 1 at La Place Rendez-Vous;

•a bylaw to adopt amended Economic Development Financial Incentive Programs for the designated Community Improvement Areas;

•a bylaw to authorize the sale of Part 15 Plan 48R-1731 adjacent to 1222 Fifth St. E.;

•a bylaw to authorize a lease with respect to certain municipal property at 501 Fifth St. W.;

•a bylaw to approve an agreement with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp. for financing of the Fort Frances Technology Centre;

•a bylaw to authorize entering into certain janitorial service contracts at the Public Works offices, Children’s Complex, Civic Centre, museum, library, and OPP offices; and

•a bylaw to approve an agreement the Township of La Vallee for the provision of fire chief services.

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