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High school sports jeopardized by possible teachers' strike

In the event the dispute between Ontario teachers and the provincial government leads to a strike, high school sports will be cancelled immediately, OFSAA executive director Colin Hood said yesterday morning.

“If there is a strike, there will be no school sports because sports programs are part of the education program,” he stressed in a phone interview.

Muskies ride Broncos out of town

Having already clinched a berth in the NorWOSSA final, and without several key starters for last Friday's tilt here with Kenora, the Muskies were prime targets for a letdown.

But the black-and-gold never missed a beat, thrashing the Broncos 43-7 before a decent crowd at Westfort to improve to 5-0 in NorWOSSA play.

Kitchen Creek preparing for Mother Nature’s worst

Greenskeeper Greg Ross has implemented a few new ideas this fall in hopes of sparing Kitchen Creek from the same kind of damage Mother Nature inflicted there last winter.

“We’ve punched three-quarter holes 10 inches deep in the greens, which helps drain the surface water and allows air and water in the roots,” noted Ross, adding the holes previously were dug only three inches deep.