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First to fall

The revolutionaries looked on as Marius (David Barron) held the lifeless Eponine (Lauren Gurski) in his arms before the first attack on the group. This was a scene for the Fort Frances High School’s production of ‘Les Misérables’ which opened last night at the Townshend Theatre. The musical continues to run tonight though Saturday, with the curtain rising at 7:30 p.m. –Heather Ogilvie photo

‘Shades of Midnight’

Hannah McLeod showed off how she loved “Rainy Nights” in her performance with the other Junior skaters at the Border Skating Club’s annual ice show, entitled “Shades of Midnight,” which went Saturday and Sunday at the Ice for Kids Arena.

–Heather Ogilvie photo

Relaxation guaranteed

Exemplifying the theme of the event—“Experience the Art of Pampering Yourself”—reflexologist Ayako Sletmoen of Wright Phyisiotherapy demonstrated the relaxing effects of a foot massage to Diane Hoffman on Saturday at the Business Women’s Network’s spring tea and fashion show. —Duane Hicks photo

Come sail away

“Les Bûcherons,” a French-language performance group, put on a show for the French Immersion students at St. Francis School yesterday morning. Here, Jacques Cartier and his first mate are sailing from France to seek out a shorter passage to India. What they find instead is Newfoundland.

—Melanie Béchard photo

Signing up

Danni-Mae Mainville, left, and Chase Flinders signed up to play in the Fort Frances Youth Soccer League last Thursday evening at the Memorial Sports Centre. Registration ran last Tuesday and Thursday, with a total of 535 youths signed up so far. The season will run May 1-June 22, with all games played at the St. Francis Sportsfields. —Duane Hicks photo

New addition

Thanks to the support of residents of Emo and surrounding communities, along with all the hard work of the Friends of the Emo Public Library, a new circulation desk for the reception area of the library was delivered Monday. Head libraian Shirley Sheppard was proud to show off the new desk, which already is receiving many compliments.

—Tammy Kinnear photo

Royal wave

French language performers “Les Bûcherons” entertained children at St. Francis School this morning with their adaptation of the history of Canada, complete with songs and dancing. Here, the King of France is asking the students how many of them think Jacques Cartier will succeed in finding a shorter passage to India.

—Melanie Béchard photo

Stars on ice

The senior skaters from the Border Skating Club ended the first half of their annual ice show on Saturday night with a “Sweet Dreams” routine. The show, entitled “Shades of Midnight,” featured a blacklight “Galaxy” number, a rainy nights number, and a cool nights number–just to name a few.


These little hippies gave it their all last night in the dress rehearsal for Fort Dance Studio’s 5th annual General Division recital at the Townshend Theatre. The girls were dancing to Janis Joplin’s “Try.” The recital takes place tonight only. Tickets are available at Betty’s or at the door. Cost is $11 for adults, $9 for seniors and children.

—Melanie Béchard photo

A chorus line?

These girls appeared to be having a good time rehearsing their number for the 34th Annual Border Skating Club Ice Show, “Shades of Midnight.” The show takes place Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Ice for Kids arena. Advance tickets are available at the Memorial Sports Centre front desk and Skates and Blades, and for an additional $2 at the door.

—Submitted photo