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Fun with sand

One-year-old, Kayle Falloon, enjoyed his time on the beach with his family last Thursday morning at Pither’s Point. —Emmanuel Moutsatsos photo

Woods theatre

“Nature on the Edge” members Heather Anderson and Neill Stewart acted out a scene from “Theatre of the Woods” on Saturday night. –Michael Hilborn photo

Making Contact

Paul Visser of Sight & Sound ripped an offering from Big Island’s Carl Big George Jr. during the sixth inning of their match last Thursday evening at the VanJura Stadium. —Emmanuel Moutsatsos photo

Hockey hopscotch

Nicole Horn, 10, jumped her way through a hockey stick obstacle this morning at the ‘52 Canadians Arena. Horn was one of the 19 youths involved with a sports camp that is being run until the end of the week. —Emmanuel Moutsatsos


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