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Another winner

Canada Safeway assistant manager Ryan Hood yesterday presented Andrea McNabb with the diamond tennis bracelet she won in the Canada Safeway’s “Texas Hold ’Em “ contest. McNabb is the second local resident to win a $4,500 bracelet in the contest. Overall, a total of 460 bracelets were available to be won. The odds of winning one in the contest were one in 31,500.

Crocus sale

Crocus bulbs are on sale now at the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau (located in the old CN station) and Sister Kennedy Centre as part of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s annual crocus campaign. They also will be sold at Wal-Mart tomorrow and Sunday. Bulbs cost $5 per pot or $12 for three pots. As in past years, proceeds from sales go to the CNIB.

Counting apples

Christian Brow-Rose, left, and Sarah Larson, Grade 1 students at St. Michael’s School here, counted and pasted 10 apples “up on top” just like in the Dr. Seuss story. And since the students were celebrating the 100th day of school, they put the apples together to make 100.