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Infestation suppression

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M-18A Dromader planes at Dryden Airport prepared to spray an insecticide to suppress a jack pine budworm infestation in Dryden area forests earlier this month. The Ministry o Natural Resources conducted aerial spraying during the first two weeks of June to suppress a jack pine budworm infestation in regional forests. The spray program will protect high value stands of jack pine forests in the region, reported the MNR. It should keep the trees alive and healthy although it won’t eliminate the budworm, which will eventually collapse on its own in three to four years. Supermarine Aircraft Inc. from St. Thomas, Ontario was contracted by the ministry to spray woodland areas in Atikokan, Dryden and Kenora districts. Twelve M-18A Dromader planes flew the region from June 1-14. The ministry sprayed about 42,000 ha. in the Atikokan area, 60,000 in Dryden, and about 71,000 hectares over forests in the Kenora area. —Photo courtesy of Owen Vaughan, Ministry of Natural Resources

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