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Giant snowman

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Morson resident Calvin Bombay and his wife, Gloria Tuesday, showed off Bombay's creation, “Koolar the Snowman," on Sunday. Standing at 11', 10" in height, the snowman, which can be seen clearly from Highway 621, has drawn a fair amount of attention and a photo of "Koolar" even appears on The Weather Network's website. Bombay said he built "Koolar" for the kids as well as to get the exercise. And to answer the question everyone has been asking Bombay (namely, "How did you build it?”), he used a wooden box, filled it with snow, and packed it in. He then removed the form and carved away the snow, rounding the edges to make a roly-poly snowman—an easy feat for Bombay, who also carves soapstone. He also made the eyes, nose, buttons, and other features.

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