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Voter turnout hits 30 percent so far

Many town residents already have cast their ballot either online or over the phone for the local municipal and school board elections.

As of 11 a.m. today (Oct. 19), some 1,581 people out of the 5,179 eligible voters had cast their ballots, which put the total voter turnout at 30.22 percent since voting opened at 8:30 a.m. this past Monday (Oct. 15).

Voting still going strong

Voting in the Fort Frances municipal and school board elections continues to be strong.

As of yesterday, a total of 1,317 out of the 5,179 eligible electors had voted by telephone or internet, which equals a 25 percent turnout so far, returning officer Lisa Slomke told the Times.

Slomke said the turnout after three fulls days has been “above and beyond” what she had hoped for.


My name is Ken Hyatt and I am running for reeve for the municipality of La Vallee Township. I am a licensed carpenter and have resided in Devlin for 57 of my 62 years.

'Longest Night' sees great support

The Fort Frances Homelessness Committee is now a step closer to opening a “pop-up” homeless shelter here.

The “Longest Night of the Year” event, held overnight Friday along the 200 block of Scott Street, raised more than $16,000 for the committee, whose goal is to run a shelter out of the Apostolic Way church on Victoria Avenue three nights a week during the winter months.


After almost two decades away pursuing my education and career goals, I recently returned to the district and am proud to call Alberton home. I feel my work and education background in project management, communications, and business development is a strong asset.


I am very excited to take part in this year's election for public school board trustee.

Leadership in education is vitally important for young people—they are our future. I retired a number of years ago from a rewarding career in health care but continue to have the time, energy, and skills to add value to our community.