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School name contest closed

In the story 'School name on board's agenda' in yesterday's Bulletin, it was reported that the Northwest Catholic District School Board would be accepting submissions from the public until April 26 in regards to the naming contest for the new K-8 consolidated school.

Several cuts made to 2019 budget

Getting onto a path towards financial stability has been the province's focus this budget season, with a promise of eliminating the now $11 billion deficit for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

The PCs are doing so without introducing any new taxes for residents or businesses in Ontario but there are notable cuts to almost all of the province's ministries.

Snow couldn't stop 'Spring Fever'

The fallout from the sudden, heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures may have put a dampener on some of the festivities, but Emo's “Spring Fever Days” went out with a bang on its final day.

While not everything that was planned to run on Saturday survived the wild weather from earlier in the week, overall the day was hailed as a success.