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Old School tastes

Netflix - Murdoch Mysteries - 12 Seasons

In Victorian-era Toronto, Inspector William Murdoch uses unconventional scientific methods to crack complex, high-profile murder cases.

Netflix - Miss Fishers murder mysteries - 3 seasons

NWHU: Second positive Coronavirus case reported in Northwest region does not reside in the area

Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) received notification of the second positive case of COVID-19 attributed to the region. Although the case in the region is being reported for the Northwestern Health Unit area, the infected person’s primary residence is in southern Ontario.

RRFDC offers COVID funding

The Rainy Rive Future Development Corporation (RRFDC) is offering help to businesses in the area who will be hit by COVID-19.

Announced last week, the RRFDC is offering COVID-19 Emergency Financing to businesses in the Rainy River District in order to help them bear the brunt of the economic impact that the virus has caused in Ontario and the rest of the world.