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'Fibre' launch slated

While some local residents already have gone live with “Fibre” services as of yesterday, Tbaytel will hold the official launch for its new fibre optic technology infrastructure here Monday.

Media and invited guests will be attending a launch with Tbaytel president and CEO Dan Topatigh at noon at the Civic Centre.

College students being urged to keep studying

Jodi Afonso, president of the Student Union of Confederation College Inc. (SUCCI), is doing her best to encourage college students not waste this time away from class.

Since Oct. 16, when faculty at Ontario's 24 colleges went on strike, students-including those at the Confederation College campus here in Fort Frances-have been left with a lot of free time.

Women's shelter eyeing centre here

The Rainy River District Women's Shelter of Hope is taking a step forward in establishing a long-term presence in Fort Frances.

The agency received a $5,000 donation from the Emo Food Bank & Thrift Shop on Friday, kick-starting a fundraising campaign for a Women's Resource Centre and possibly a couple of transitional housing units the agency wants to open here.