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Rink project meeting Monday

The arena project is slated to get back on track next Monday, when town council has scheduled a meeting with “Ice for Kids” at 5:30 p.m.

And this time round, Mayor Glenn Witherspoon said the whole of council will be involved in the decision-making.

Area municipalities snub new social services board

The Rainy River District Municipal Association wants no part in the creation of a District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) here to cope with the “download” of services.

The problem, it says, is that the board won’t having any taxing authority to pay for the services it will be responsible for—social housing, child care, and Ontario Works.

Voyageur Panel restocks hiring pool

About 470 people went to Barwick last Friday and Saturday to fill out applications for Voyageur Panel—even though there are no vacant positions there.

Human resources co-ordinator Kirstan Bodnarchuk said last weekend’s application session was to boost up their hiring pool of potential employees just in case a position does become vacant.

A ‘Heavy Weight’ idea

“Inside every skinny person is a fat person waiting to get out. More often than not, the fat guy wins.”—Jack Elliott

My name is Mark Elliott. I’m drastically overweight.

I’m not alone, either. The latest national survey found 51 percent of all Canadians are overweight or obese.

By the way, I fit into the latter category.

Stressing health gain

I want to stress that the primary focus of “Heavy Weights” is not weight loss—it’s health gain.

It’s not a diet or a fad but rather an attempt to take the bad health habits we have and exchange them for healthy ones. Hence the motto, “Championing better health through better lifestyles.”

Health cards to be mandatory

Anyone going to the doctor in the near future will have to show their health card before each visit as the province tries to crack down on health care fraud.

Starting March 1, the Ministry of Health is getting rid of its “good faith policy,” leaving it up to the medical providers to prove a patient is eligible for an OHIP claim.