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Social celebrations par for the course on New Year’s Eve

If you don’t feel like staying at home tomorrow night to ring in the New Year but would rather check out the festive atmosphere at local restaurants or bars, chances are something “party-like” will be going on there.

And if you are picky, you’re still in luck. The selection of parties is as broad as it gets—with everything from a semi-formal affair to a country dance up for grabs.

Pro shop question going to council

Skates and Blades owner Gord McQuarrie may take his quest to stop a pro shop from being put in the new arena facility to town council.

McQuarrie, who made a presentation to the arena committee, was surprised to hear the pro shop was referred to council because he’d heard “through the grapevine” that it had been eliminated from the project.

Area services board legislation on hold

A district working group will keep hashing out details for an area services board here even though the legislation making them legal won’t be in place until late spring.

The Northern Services Improvement Act made it to first reading last week. But when the Legislature was prorogued last week, it will have to be reintroduced for first reading when MPPs resume sitting in March.

School boards still lacking direction

It will be the same old story for the new Rainy River District School Board, with trustees still waiting on the Harris government for direction in the new year.

Gordon McBride and Judy Eluik, who were elected chair and vice-chair respectively at the board’s inaugural meeting last Wednesday, said they remain in the dark on many items, ranging from funding to the role of trustees.

Community Christmas dinner trimming up

If you haven’t bought your turkey yet, or are looking for an alternative to cooking up a feast Christmas Day, you’re invited to share in the annual community dinner, organizer Dodi DeBenedet said.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Christmas Community Dinner is slated Dec. 25 from noon and 2 p.m. at Knox United Church here.

Guitarist playing ‘Parlour Tricks’

Classical guitarist Jason Tuesday isn’t just one of the first aboriginal guitarists in Canada—he’s about to become the first to record his own CD.

“Parlour Tricks: An Introduction” will be coming out in late spring, or perhaps as early as April. Tuesday, who’s already spent several hours in the recording studio, said the album will be filled with classical guitar standards.

Auditorium cuts starting in new year

Town and community auditorium committee reps will be working with the “multi-use” construction manager and architect in the new year to decide how to cut $411,592 in construction costs from the auditorium project.

But Phil St. Cyr and John Crocker told council Monday that until the final tenders came in, they wouldn’t know what the final cost of the project would be.