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Welfare office out of money

The district’s welfare office is warning it may have to close because it doesn’t have the money to pay its March bills—much less make payments to social assistance recipients.

That could leave some 40 individuals and families without cheques this month. And the Rainy River District Ontario Works said the province’s “download” of services was to blame.

Dam safety in question, IJC says

Abitibi-Consolidated’s and Boise Cascade’s dams along the Rainy Lake-Namakan watershed are among those the International Joint Commission is warning may not be safe because they don’t have regular government inspections.

And now it’s recommending more rigorous government standards be set, including regular on-site inspections by independent, qualified experts.

Health care gets $24,000 shot in arm

The launch of Riverside Foundation for Health Care here last week can be described in two words—big success.

About 240 people raised more than $24,000 for local health care at the Foundation’s kickoff dinner/dance Friday night at La Place Rendez-Vous.

The money raised stemmed from ticket sales, donations, lapel pin sales, a silent auction, and raffle.