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Little seeds of horrors?

Setting up bird feeders could mean sowing sorrows for local farmers—not to mention unwanted weeds.

With the popularity of bird feeding increasing, concerns over what exactly is in bird seed have been raised as tons of the stuff get bought and spread on the ground every winter.

Rink issue up for debate again Monday

The $5.5-million double-rink project will be opened up again Monday after the construction company hired for the job couldn’t come up with the performance bond by yesterday’s deadline.

In a 40-minute in-camera meeting with the Committee of the Whole last night, town councillors reviewed the options they will be voting on at their regular meeting next Monday.

Meningitis scare touches close to home

Emo resident Tanis Fretter is heading to get vaccinated against meningitis after six unrelated cases—two resulting in death—were reported in the Waterloo area since December.

Fretter, a third-year health studies co-op student at the University of Waterloo, said she and her friends wanted to get in on the first day of the three-day student clinic there.

Normiska, snowmobile club work to resolve trail issue

A little bit of communication between the Sunset Country Snowmobile Club, town officials and Normiska Corp. is credited with avoiding a sizable snowmobile trail problem in the west end of Fort Frances.

Until yesterday, snowmobilers who had planned to use the trail on the west side of McIrvine Road, just north of the CN tracks here, wouldn’t have been able to do so.