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Witherspoon makes it a three-peat

Fort Frances Mayor Glenn Witherspoon will return to the helm of council for a third term after beating out challenger Allan Bedard by a two-to-one margin at the polls Monday.

When the last of the ballots were counted, Witherspoon had pulled in 2,211 votes to Bedard’s 1,015 (all results are unofficial).

From child to parent:

Marina Bauman spent some of her childhood in foster homes, and several other years in two different adoptive ones. Now as an adult, she has reversed the role—she and husband, Glen, are one of 43 foster parents in Rainy River District.

Witnesses shocked by train wreck

Miles Kupila and Lee Millett were relaxing over coffee around 11:05 a.m. Saturday when something strange started happening along the CN track outside the latter’s Christie Avenue kitchen window.

And then the pair couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Things just started happening—almost at once.

Fostering a ‘new’ family

Editor’s note: the names of the people in this article have been changed in order to protect their identity.

In many ways, they’re a “typical” family. The children go to school during the day, come home and do homework or visit with friends, and spend Saturdays doing chores for a $10-a-week allowance.