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Fasting to fight famine

Thirty hours without food.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much. I mean, if a person sleeps for eight hours a day, that leaves only 22 waking hours to go hungry.

Take a nap one day and sleep in, and that number drops below 20.

Mill safety streak ends

The Abitibi-Consolidated mill’s run of more than 6.3 million safe hours since a lost-time incident here came to an end last week after an employee who suffered an injury on the job was forced to be taken off work completely.

The “hours worked without a lost time” clock was turned back to zero Friday.

Howarth’s Home Centre under renovation/expansion

Anyone who remembers the staircase leading to the downstairs portion of the old Stedman’s building here will get a vivid reminder of the past when they walk into Howarth’s Home Centre these days.

Howarth’s is in the process of re-opening the lower level of the store, where plans to showcase its living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture are underway.