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Local ladies attend convention

The 1998 Coffee Break/Story Hour Convention was held at Gordon College in Wenham, Wash., with more than 1,000 women from across North America, of all ages and walks of life, on hand for it.

This included ladies from the Emo Christian Reformed, including Gertie Boven, Betty Esselink, Cora VanSmeerdyk, Geneva Veldhuisen, Jeannette Veldhuisen, and Patty Woolsey.

Senate trashes border bill

It’s looking like Canadians won’t have to wade through paperwork to cross the border after the U.S. Senate last week voted 99-0 to pass a bill that kills a previous one requiring all aliens to fill out forms at Customs before entering and leaving the country.

Catholic teachers, trustees split over Bill 160 ruling

Separate school teachers and trustees could find themselves standing on opposite sides of the fence after the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association said it would “study” Justice Cumming’s ruling on Bill 160.

OCSTA president Regis O’Connor said last week the association “has always maintained that Catholic boards have a constitutional right to tax.”

Bill 160 still a go--for now

Bill 160, the Education Quality Improvement Act, will remain in effect for at least one school year, with the Harris government announcing it intends to proceed with its changes to the education system for September.

This despite a ruling by Justice Peter Cumming last week that Bill 160 violated the constitutional right of separate school boards to levy their own taxes.