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Berry season comes early

If this year’s strawberries are any indication, it looks like there could be a bumper crop of berries here this year—and an early one at that.

Blair Lowey of Lowey’s Greenhouse said his U-pick berry patch, which normally isn’t ready until July, has a good couple of weeks on the season. In fact, he and his family already have started to pick ripe berries.

Animal shelter in the works

The “Friends of Animals” board is looking to build a shelter here by January that could house unwanted animals until they are placed into homes.

The board is just waiting to hear back from the Civic Centre as to how it can proceed. The Planning and Development executive committee will discuss the idea tomorrow, and make recommendations back to council.

Shave and haircut:

You’ve heard of hair-raising experiences. Well, you could say what the OPP have planned for the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship next month is a “hair-shaving” one.

The stage under the big tent will be knee-deep in hair on Saturday, July 25 when local OPP officers go bald in hopes of raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society as part of the “Cops for Cancer” project.

Surgeons to go on salary

It’s been two years in the making but Northwestern Ontario now has an alternate payment plan for surgeons.

Dr. J.A. Spencer announced here Monday that as of July 1, surgeons at Fort Frances, Kenora, Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, and Atikokan will receive an annual salary from the Ministry of Health rather than the present fee-for-service.

Abitibi, union before labour board today

Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada were set to go before the Ontario Labour Relations Board in Toronto this morning after the company filed a complaint Friday that the union was bargaining in bad faith.

Arguing the union couldn’t strike over “process,” the company has filed a similar complaint in Newfoundland.