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French elementary classrooms could open here this fall

Parents who would like to see their children educated in French as a first language will want to attend le Conseil scolaire de catholique des Aurores boreales presentation here on March 29.

A co-operative with the Northwest Catholic District School Board, the French-language board may be accepting up to 20 students into classrooms at either St. Francis or St. Michael’s school here.

Behind the scenes at Camelot

Producing a musical doesn’t just depend on the actors and actresses who are seen on stage. It also takes many people “behind the scenes” to put everything together.

Several departments of the high school, including art, technology, music, and special ed., are involved in the production of the upcoming musical, “Camelot.”

A shot in the arm

If you’re among the high-risk group that’s been urged by health professionals to get a ’flu shot because of your age or a chronic illness, chances are you’ve also wondered what goes into the making of the vaccine which could save your life.