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A glorious day for 13 new Canadians

“The sun is shining outside, and it will certainly be shining in this room, this day, for it is truly a memorable occasion.”

With those words, Judge Robert Somerville set in motion a day to remember for 13 people from across Northwestern Ontario who were sworn is as Canadian citizens at the Civic Centre here last Wednesday.

School council elections held

It’s been two years since parents and educators were mandated to elect representatives to individual school councils.

But now that it’s time to elect new members, many school councils are finding this round of elections has been much like the first one—low in nominees.

Liberals raising leader profile

Creating opportunity and pulling Ontarians together is something the Liberals are pledging to do if elected in the next provincial election.

But with a 38 percent recognition rate, the party is working first to raise the profile of leader Dalton McGuinty, who was here Saturday to speak to about 50 supporters during a luncheon at the Red Dog Inn.