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Central Avenue residents hoping for the best from CN meeting

The meeting CN originally had scheduled for this week was postponed until next Wednesday but Central Avenue residents remain optimistic.

“To my knowledge, the group here on the block had no problems with [the postponement],” said George Drazenovich, who lives at 809 Central Ave.

“Everybody is waiting to see what [CN] will present to us. We’re hoping for the best,” he added.

Proceeds from CD to help drug, alcohol education in teens

Dreaming big has launched a former Fort Frances resident into another recording of her musical talent—this time in the form of an eight-song CD called “Shine On.”

Sandra Allan, 32, wrote and co-produced the CD—a collection of pop, rock, and gospel music—out of “Barn Studios” in Thunder Bay, where she now lives and works as an addictions counsellor.

Borderland kite club getting set to soar

Enough interest may have risen to get the Borderland High Fliers Kite Club off the ground in the next few weeks, noted John Willis of Kippewa Gardens in International Falls.

Willis and his wife, Katherine, brought their kites to Emo’s centennial celebrations and the Fourth of July holiday in the Falls earlier this month trying to drum up interest in kite flying.