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CCAC call centre to help people

After spending more than a year just finding out if it could become a reality, the Community Care Access Centre’s 310-INFO call centre should be up and running by January.

The purpose of the call centre is so anyone within the Rainy River and Kenora districts can gain instant access to information about health care organizations in their area.

Building for high flight

When considering what “kits” one might have lying around the house, first aid and bicycle repair models probably are among the first which come to mind.

But for local residents Gord Melville, Phil Gavel, Bob Thomson, and Walter Seis, the “kit” that’s first on their list involves a hobby with wings.

Granite Lodge to celebrate centennial

It’s the oldest fraternity in the world—and the local chapter is turning 100.

The Granite Lodge in Fort Frances will be celebrating its centennial anniversary with a dinner/dance Sept. 26 and an open house the following day.

Alan Tibbetts, Past Master and lodge historian, said it will be only the second open house the Masons here have ever held.