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French school shaping up

Although le Conseil Scolaire de Catholique des Aurores Boreales definitely will be setting up a school here in September, a few details still need to be cleared up when the board’s director and school’s principal come to town next week.

‘Psychic fair’ prompts protest

Envoy Eric Alcock of the local Salvation Army and two soldiers from the Citadel passed out leaflets at the driveway to the East End Hall yesterday to protest what they termed “the dark powers” of the psychic fair being held there.

Their presence sparked a brief but testy confrontation when one of the fair’s clairvoyants, Juliette Mageau, came out to speak to them.

Japanese intern program unveiled by Catholic board

Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton will host a guest from the Orient this September, it was revealed at the Northwest Catholic District School Board meeting Saturday.

“We applied, as a school, to receive a Japanese intern through the International Internship Program,” OLW principal Linda Huntley told trustees.

“And now we have a young woman coming Sept. 11.”

U.S. taking action over fish dispute

The U.S. government has taken action regarding an ongoing dispute between Minnesota and Ontario over fishing restrictions in place on Rainy River and Lake of the Woods.

Betty Wires, Lake of the Woods supervisor for the Ministry of Natural Resources, said it appears the state has opted to ignore the Minnesota-Ontario Boundary Waters Fisheries Atlas dated July, 1998.

Wilderness Expo II matches previous year

Wilderness Expo II, staged by the “Li’l Eagles” of the United Native Friendship Centre here, went off without a snag Saturday, drawing many people, including lots of families, to the East End Hall.

“Things have gone well,” organizer Brad Herbert said Saturday afternoon. “It’s a little bit busier in the afternoon but the morning was kinda slow.