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Local youth to tour Asia

A local Sea Cadet will get his chance to sail the Pacific and tour parts of Eastern Asia when he leaves port with the Canadian Navy next week.

“A few months ago, someone from Winnipeg came here and told me about it,” noted Dusty Gray, 16. “I had to apply for it.”

Hebert tops ‘Quest’

Sarah Hebert entered this year’s “Quest for the Best” to have fun and that’s exactly what she did

Winning first place was just an added bonus.

The 15-year-old Fort High student walked away with top honours before a sold-out crowd last Thursday night at the Townshend Theatre, beating out 19 other acts for the $500 cash and one-hour limo ride.

Warm weather puts brake on loggers

These days, it’s area loggers who are keeping a close eye on Mother Nature.

As first reported in last Thursday’s Daily Bulletin, they’re hoping for a return of colder weather—fast—or else thousands of logs will have to be left in the bush.

“God I hope spring isn’t here yet,” said Bears Pass logger Fred Brown. “I've been watching the forecast, that’s all I’ve been doing.”