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Lopez to bring Latin heat here

He’s what some might call the fastest guitar player in North America.

Oscar Lopez will be appearing at La Place Rendez-Vous tomorrow at 8 p.m. as a “tour de Fort” special concert attraction, sponsored by Rainy Lake Realty.

Lopez played in Fort Frances once before, with folk singer James Keelaghan, but this is the first time he will star here on his own ticket.

A passion for fishing creates new business opportunity

What began two years ago as a “little something on the side” is today trolling in new and challenging waters—and reeling in the business for Richard and Solly Garbowski.

The Devlin couple is behind “Richard’s Rod & Reel Service,” a home-based venture which, by inventory alone, speaks volumes about their love of fishing and all that goes into making the equipment for the sport.

Town takes the big flush

It’s taken three years—and $9 million—but things are flowing well at the upgraded secondary water pollution control plant in the west end of Fort Frances.

The new plant, which switched from a mechanical to hydraulic operation, is allowed a maximum 25 mg/litre each of biological oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids per day (averaged over the month).

Town banks on rink project

The new arena will be included in the town’s $4.4-million debenture even though it hasn’t been decided yet exactly where the project will go from here.

With interest rates on the rise, Administration and Finance manager Darryl Allan told the Committee of the Whole on Monday that it was best for the town to secure the financing at 6.3 percent over 20 years.