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Tim’s getting facelift


Tim Hortons’ customers will experience some disruption to their daily routine for the next two weeks.

For the first time since it first opened on Sept. 1, 2003, the King’s Highway business is undergoing renovations.

“It’s an inside/outside reno,” noted owner Gord McQuarrie

“They’re refinishing the outside of the building and refurbishing the lobby part of the store.”

McQuarrie said the makeover is expected to take 16 days, and customers can expect some disruption in service during that time.

For example, part of the parking lot is not available due to fencing put up around the north side of the building so the contractor can work on the outside.

The lobby (i.e., the seating area for customers) will be open today and tomorrow.

But starting Thursday, it will be closed for about a week for interior renovations.

Once these are done, the lobby will be re-opened but the drive-thru will be closed temporarily to do some renovations.

But McQuarrie stressed the drive-thru mainly will be closed during the night shift.

No work is being done in the kitchen area.

“We’ll do the best we can,” McQuarrie said. “That’s all we can ask.”

He mused there’s a bit of a “fast food fix-up” going on here as Dairy Queen and A&W also have been freshening up their exteriors.

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