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Snow at mailboxes not the town's fault


While some residents have complained about snow being plowed and piled up in front of community mailboxes here, and impeding easy access, don't blame the town—it's not their responsibility.

Operations and Facilities manager Travis Rob clarified this morning that the Town of Fort Frances has an agreement with Canada Post regarding the mailboxes and snow removal is not part of it.

“We do not snow removal around the mailboxes,” he explained.

“We have an agreement, signed by Canada Post, to allow them to put the community mailboxes on our boulevard,” Rob noted.

"That agreement stipulates that Canada Post is responsible for snow removal and general maintenance, including litter pick-up.

“And so, like everywhere else in town, we plow the snow like we have to and they're supposed to have someone—a contractor, Canada Post, or whoever—that is clearing the snow,” Rob added.

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