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Sleepy Owl making 'space' for parking


The Sleepy Owl is pleased to be a part of the beautiful and exciting things happening in downtown Fort Frances.

We're literally making space for it!

The hotel was purchased in February of last year by a young entrepreneur. He and his team are working together to find ways to improve and benefit their guests and the local community at the same time.

You may have noticed the demolition site at 335 Scott St.

The original space for parking just didn't service our guests or the community in a way that felt adequate. So we decided to change things!

While the primary function of the space will be to serve our hotel guests, we see the potential in helping our very own community members, especially those who work downtown.

It can be difficult and annoying to find a parking spot close to where you need to be during business hours, but we're here to help by making parking more convenient.

The hotel will be selling paid memberships for individuals and businesses that would like to purchase and reserve spots from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

For reservations, contact Kaleb Firth at 276-7452.

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