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Drama Division

(April 10)

  • CLASS D008 Choral Speaking, Grade 7—1. Fort Frances High School (A. Petsnick) (Honours) 2. Fort Frances High School (N. von Niebelschutz) (Honours)
  • CLASS D802 Duet Poetry, Own Choice, Grade 7-8—1. Amy Norris and Hallee Nugent (First Class Honours)
  • CLASS D508 Choral Speaking, Grade 5—1. St. Francis School (A. Gurski) (Honours)
  • CLASS D602 Humorous Solo Poetry, Grade 6—1. Cohen Ossachuk (Honours)
  • CLASS D809 Choral Bible Verse (Grade 6, 7 and 8)—1. Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program (Honours)
  • CLASS D816 Dramatic Presentation, Grade 6-8—1. Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program (First Class Honours)
  • CLASS D108 Choral Speaking, Grade 1—J.W. Walker School (K. Chown) (First Class Honours) 2. (tie) J.W. Walker (A. Hill) (Honours) and St. Michael's School (H. Sieders) (Honours)
  • CLASS D008 Choral Speaking, Grade JK/SK—St. Michael's School (C. Hyatt)
  • CLASS D208 Choral Speaking, Grade 2—1. J.W. Walker School (C. Bailey) (First Class Honours) 2. St. Michael's School (C. Harris) (Honours)
  • CLASS D912 Serious Monologue, Grade 8—1. Maya Davis (Honours)
  • CLASS PSA 9124 Solo Reading, Canadian Prose, Grade 7-9—1. Morgan Beckett (Honours)
  • CLASS D002 Solo Poetry, Humourous Poetry, Kindergarten—1. Maelle Easton (Honours)
  • CLASS 101 Serious Solo Poetry, Grade 1—1. Petyon Sisco (Honours) 2. Ava Burns (Honours)
  • CLASS D201 Serious Poetry, Grade 2—1. Cassandra Armstrong (Honours) 2. Ethan Brown (Honours)
  • CLASS D402 Spoken Poetry, Grade 4—1. Cadance Sinclair (Honours) 2. Linkin Wrolstad (Honours)
  • CLASS D301 Serious Poetry, Grade 3—1. Layne Gibson (First Class Honours)
  • CLASS D501 Serious Poetry, Grade 5—1. Ryan Brown (First Class Honours)
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