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Library budget trimmed


A revised library budget, which includes $12,000 in savings, will come before town council at its next regular budget meeting Monday at 4 p.m.

The Fort Frances Public Library board and CEO met with town reps twice last week to review the library budget and together were able to trim it down.

“Since this took place right in the middle of town budget activities, we were very grateful for the generous time that Town of Fort Frances' employees took from their already busy day to assist us,” library board chair Andrew Hallikas told the Times.

“The group of us did a line-by-line review of the library budget,” he noted.

“We asked treasury for any suggestions they might have and also if they noticed any patterns in our spending that might lead to savings,” Hallikas added.

“Utilizing some of the suggestions from town employees and incorporating savings that we had already proposed, we were able to find about $12,000 total in savings that could be deducted from the 2017 proposed budget.”

Hallikas said the revised 2017 library budget is “now very lean.”

“However, we feel that if the town accepts this budget, and with the industriousness and creativity that our staff always exhibits, the library could continue to operate in 2017 with no reduction in our service, programming, or hours of operation,” he noted.

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