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Henry earns finale berth


Local resident Joshua Henry has earned a spot in the final of “Canada’s Greatest Explorer,” where he’ll have the chance to compete for the title along with the $25,000 prize.

In the penultimate episode, which is available to view online on the Woods Canada Facebook page, the three remaining competitors were tasked with a photography challenge in the Canadian Rockies.

“It’s tough because you feel like you can take a photo of everything in the Rockies,” Henry noted in the episode.

Renowned nature photographer John Marriott served as judge.

“Today’s challenge is—not only are we sending you out there overnight on your own with a backpack, but we’re also making you document it with a camera,” he told the competitors.

“You have to go out and capture photos that tell the story of your overnight trip,” he explained.

The trio were required to submit 10 photos at the end of the challenge, including a “selfie” and a best overall photo known as the “hero shot.”

The photos also were judged on creativity and originality.

“I want to see them in their own shots,” Marriott noted.

“This ‘best selfie’ category that we’ve created—it’s not as easy as sticking an iPhone in front of your face and taking a picture,” he stressed.

“I do want to see their artistic side, as well as a bit of their personality shining through in these photos.

“Whether it’s motion blurs, anything outside of the ordinary,” Marriott added.

“I don’t just want to see flowers, mountains, and rivers.”

While Henry admitted in the episode that he didn’t have much experience in photography, he did enjoy the challenge.

“Just being out here in a place I’ve never been, doing something I’ve never done, is really cool,” he enthused.

“I absolutely love being out here,” Henry added.

“I think I like photography—[but] I don’t know if I like it when there’s $25,000 on the line,” he admitted.

Henry said he’ll probably pick up a camera after this and do some of his own photography.

“On my travels, I should have a proper camera and learn this stuff,” he reasoned.

After submitting his 10 photos for judging, Henry’s “hero shot” stood out the most to Marriott.

“Josh’s ‘hero shot’ was one of the best in the entire competition,” he remarked.

“In fact, it was one of my favourites.

“His tent [was] lit up from inside,” Marriott noted. “But in the foreground, he had this grass that he had lit up with his red head lamp.

“It was just a fantastically inventive and creative shot.

“He didn’t have a weak image amongst the 10,” added Marriott. “It was some stunning stuff.”

Henry placed first overall in the photography challenge and earned a spot in the final episode, which will be available to view online Aug. 23.

In the final challenge, Henry will go head-to-head against Aaron Lauritsen of Cochrane, Alta. for the grand prize.

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