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Excitement over prom building up


Grade 12 students are on the final lap of their high school careers but they still have one big event on the calendar before crossing the finish line.

Prom will be held this Saturday (June 13) and Fort High students have been planning feverishly for the annual event since early February.

“We planned the date of prom in October, and started having our meetings and getting plans together at the beginning of second semester,” said Hailey Beaudry, who sits on the prom committee.

“This year we have planned a vintage Hollywood theme,” she noted, adding students who attended prom committee meetings had the chance to vote on a theme.

“We have planned our dinner at La Place Rendez-Vous, as well the Grand March,” Beaudry said.

“I’m excited to see the hard work pay off and enjoy a great prom,” she enthused.

“We are also having a pre-Grand March that will take place at Rainycrest,” noted Fort High teacher Sarah Arpin, who will be chaperoning the event.

“Approximately 140 students will be attending prom while 60 students signed up for the Rainycrest march,” she said.

“We encourage and welcome community members to attend the Grand March,” Arpin stressed, adding it begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Townshend Theatre.

“After watching the students progress over their high school career, it is always nice to see these students all grown up and dressed to the nines,” she remarked.

“It is always a wonderful opportunity to watch the senior-level students celebrating their graduation as a class.”

The prom committee recently turned its focus towards decorations for the event.

“It was really hard to get to a consensus on everybody picking decorations that we liked,” admitted prom committee member Hannah Mueller.

“There is going to be some super-cool feather pieces, lots of glitter and glitz, the red carpet, and velvet ropes,” she enthused.

Mueller said they had to order in a red carpet and built pillars but were able to recycle a lot of decorations from previous proms.

To prepare for prom, many female students turn to social media to ensure no one will be donning the same gown.

“We have a Facebook group page and when people buy a dress, they post a picture and where they got it,” explained Grade 12 student Kayla Stang.

“Everyone looks at the page before dress shopping and makes sure they don’t buy the same dress,” she noted.

“Also, several stores will write down where you are from when you buy a dress and they won’t sell the same dress to the same town.”

With prom only days away, many students eagerly are anticipating the event.

“I’m excited to make memories with all my friends and I’m even more excited to look great,” said Carter Brown.

“I like looking good and feeling good,” he joked.

“I’m excited to get together with all our friends,” echoed Jess Coran.

“We are all going to dress up and have an experience that we will remember forever,” she enthused.

“I think it’s going to be an exceptional experience this year,” agreed Cole Turcotte.

“I’ve been to several proms and I think this year’s theme is going to be the best so far.

“Vintage Hollywood is a very unique theme, and I can’t wait so see what kind of cool dresses and suits everyone else has bought for the occasion,” he added.

“I’m looking forward to making memories,” said Mallory Payne.

“I really like my dress because it has an open back and it will be really hot outside,” she reasoned.

“I feel bad for the guys because they are going to sweat a lot,” she laughed.

“I attended the 2013 Prom when I was in Grade 10 and was excited then,” recalled Claire Sandelovich.

“But now being a senior and this being my real prom year, my excitement level is through the roof,” she said.

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