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Author aims to make Bible more relatable


After six years of writing, local author Sara Kellar recently published her second book: a collection of short stories and poems entitled “Full of Words.”

The anthology is composed of Biblical re-tellings and allegories, each with a devotional thought following it, she said.

Her goal with the book was to make the Bible more relatable, Kellar explained.

“A lot of the times when we read the Bible, we read it like a textbook,” she remarked.

“I could recite the stories to you and it wouldn't change my life at all,” she added.

"But it's supposed to be life-changing.

“I'm not saying there is something wrong with the Bible," Kellar stressed. "But I am looking for what is missing.”

Kellar worked full-time in youth ministry, where she spent a lot of time reading and speaking about the Bible.

There she tried to figure out how she could relate the Bible stories more to teenagers.

“Full of Words" is what Kellar calls a "passion project,” meaning she doesn't plan—or want—to make much money off of it.

“I just want to help people look at the Bible from a perspective they never have before,” she said.

“People have told me that it was helpful for them to picture what was going on in the Bible,” she added.

“Some have also said that it reinvigorated their faith and helped them go back to church.”

Kellar said the book only came together because she wanted her grandparents to have a copy and they don't use the Internet, where she publishes most of her writing.

The inspiration for the title of the book came from the story of Job, and her own need to write and talk about Jesus, she noted.

“I have to speak up because I am full of words,” Kellar reasoned.

“There is something in me that says I need to get these words out.”

“Full of Words” is self-published but Kellar hopes to pursue traditional publishing down the road.

Traditional publishing is when you hire a literary agent, who then helps you sell your work to publishing companies.

This often can be difficult because they are picky, Kellar conceded.

Currently, she has a science fiction novel in the works that she hopes to have published traditionally.

“From the time you get a book deal to the time you publish it is about two years,” Kellar noted.

“I'd like to have a book published in five years," she said. "That's my goal.”

For readers looking to pick up a copy of Kellar's book, it's on Amazon.

She also plans to have it available at Betty's and Pharmasave here in the near future.

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