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Letter to the Editor

Missing out

Dear editor:

This letter would be more appropriately addressed to the publisher as Jim Cumming is due a big thank you from me for running his column last week about railroad taxation (or lack thereof) in Ontario.

So Jim, thanks.

Work together

Dear editor:

Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. held an open board meeting Nov. 3 in the boardroom of the Emo Health Centre.

A large number of concerned citizens attended regarding the interruption in X-ray services since April at the Emo Health Centre.

Many thanks

Dear editor:

Thanks to all the generous people who donated the hats, mitts, boots, scarves, and coats.

Thanks to Richard from McTaggarts for the racks we need, to the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau for the use of the hall, and to B93 and the Fort Frances Times for advertising for us.

Preserve resource

Dear editor:

I was very sad to read that the Rainy River Record will be ceasing publication.

The paper was a link to the town where I was born and grew up and like many others who no longer live in the area, the Record provided news of the area and people that I still have affection for.

Generous support

Dear editor:

On behalf of the La Verendrye Hospital Auxiliary, I would like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy an afternoon of good food and fellowship at our annual fall tea.

Also a big thank-you to the membership who so willingly gave of their time and talents to make the tea possible.

Had a blast

Dear editor:

This past Saturday I had the chance to play in my first-ever 3-on-3 basketball tournament and I had such a blast, I felt I needed to send out a big “thank you” to Kevin Gemmell and Rainy River First Nations for hosting this great event.

Great addition

Dear Mr. Behan:

I am sure that many people driving by Robert Moore School in the last few months have noticed the change that has been happening at the school playground.

First, Daryl Eyolfson’s crew built a running track and a play hill.

Now, in addition to this new landscape, just days before school was to start, new equipment went up.


Dear editor:

Some reflections as the wind has died down, the sun has set, and the kerosene lamp casts ghostly shadows over an uncertain future for rural residents.

The roosters have come home to roost despite the head winds.

A question to those in charge of approving the model of increasing cost for energy: why is there no model for reducing energy costs?