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Letter to the Editor

Where to begin?

Dear editor:

Where to begin? I refer to the Rainy River District School Board’s press release of April 19.

I have never read a more disingenuous, misleading, inaccurate press release. In one fell swoop, the board has managed to annoy, anger, and insult its secondary school teachers under the guise of purporting to invite the teachers back to the bargaining table.

Some inaccuracies

Dear Mike:

The Fort Frances Library Technology Centre would like to correct some inaccuracies in the letter submitted by Cathie Sinninghe on April 13/16.

We certainly appreciate Cathie’s letter and value her support and sentiments. Unfortunately, Cathy was misinformed regarding some of the staffing remarks that she mentioned.

Be heard

Dear editor:

I am asking for people to let their voices be heard regarding the important issue at our Memorial Sports Centre.

This is regarding an accessible change room for families of special needs or handicapped children, as well as those with young children.

As was so eloquently stated by Dave Erwin last week, this has been a problem there for at least 20 years.

Speaking volumes

Dear editor:

Please let me start off with stating how proud I am, as a Canadian, and how much I agree with the decision that our new federal government made regarding providing the many thousands of Syrian refugees a safe and healthy place to call home and raise their families.

Simple homage

Dear Mike:

Although the Rainy Lake Market Square Advisory Committee already has decided against the fort-themed market square, I would like to clarify the, perhaps misconstrued, intent behind this idea.

In gathering public input for the project, I have heard from numerous people working in tourism and retail that countless visitors to the area ask where they can find the fort.

Not too late

Dear editor:

I was disappointed to see your article in the March 30/16 edition of the Times in which Lindsay Strickland and Cathie Sinninghe made a plea for a family change room at the Sportsplex.

No mention

Dear sir:

Looking through last week’s Fort Frances Times, I could not find even one mention or message regarding Good Friday and/or Easter.

Since these are the major Christian events we celebrate each year, I would think it a good thing for them to be recorded and also explained to the younger generation.



Mark Gerber

Good idea?

Dear editor:

A fort is not a benign architectural structure. As a visual statement, it’s not in any way symbolic of peaceful co-existence or fair trade.

To the contrary, a fort carries the weight of a specific narrative as a defensive edge in a vast territory, and as part of an offensive network where the unambiguous goal was colonial expansion.

Totally agree

Dear editor:

I totally agree with the letter in last Wednesday’s paper written by Peter and Linda York regarding the selling of the property on Front and Nelson Streets to a contractor in Thunder Bay.