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Letter to the Editor

Renew tradition

Dear editor:

Sports rivalry . . . does it exist locally? Apparently not in the eyes or thoughts of our local high school principal, Peggy Keffer.

She claims her administration, including the Muskie boys’ hockey coach and athletic director, do not want to play the International Falls Broncos due to the fact that someone may get hurt.

Souls danced

Dear editor:

The Christmas season can be said to be well underway in our house.

On Sunday, Dec. 5, the New Beginnings Church once again was filled with the voices of the Fort Frances Choraliers.

The concert was led off by the six members of the Fort Frances Youth Ensemble. Their awesome voices blended beautifully in the two pieces they sang.

Legacy trashed

Dear sir:

The recent tragic passing of Joyce Cunningham has been duly noted.

Joyce was the driving force in the community behind the new public library. Our community owes her a great debt of gratitude for her perseverance in overcoming so many obstacles.

What has not received as much attention was Joyce’s contribution to our public schools.

Food for thought

Dear editor:

I applaud the groups of “lay ecologists” who get together to pick up other people’s garbage from roadsides.

Actually, I’ve “adopted” a small stretch of “our” road myself and on my garbage walk last week, I picked up 18-20 pieces of garbage in about that many minutes.


Dear editor:

It has come to my attention to write this letter on behalf of myself and fellow members of the Memorial Sports Centre.

This matter has come under scrutiny time and time again as I went through this fiasco a few years ago, as well.


Dear sir:

The actions of the Rainy River District School Board at its last meeting in Rainy River prove once again the old adage that everything old is new again.

In ancient Rome, when the city was confronted with a grave crisis that threatened its survival, all the power of the state was vested in the hands of one person—a dictator.

Many thanks

Dear editor:

The Associates of Ste. Marguerite d’Youville were blessed to receive so many coats, hat, mitts, and boots from this generous community that were distributed during our annual “coat drive.”

Many thanks

Dear editor:

Once again, the La Verendrye Hospital Auxiliary has held a very successful fall tea.

It would not be possible, however, without the willingness of the membership to volunteer many hours.

A special thanks to the local businesses for their donations and Renee Miller for donating the beautiful quilt.

Axe walk

Dear Mike:

While I believe the local “zombie walk” is intended as “just a little fun,” it has severe negative repercussions which are anything but a “little bit of fun” to those who suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

These walking, talking “zombies” induce visual and/or auditory hallucinations in these fine folk suffering from these severe mental illnesses.

Woe unto us

Dear editor,

We are very privileged in our part of the world.

Yes, Thanksgiving Day here in Canada was celebrated and we certainly are very blessed.

I just returned from Europe and while there in my country of birth, the official day of “Dank, Buss und Betag” was held. This translates to: “To give thanks to repent and pray.”