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Letter to the Editor

Not too late

Dear editor:

I was disappointed to see your article in the March 30/16 edition of the Times in which Lindsay Strickland and Cathie Sinninghe made a plea for a family change room at the Sportsplex.

No mention

Dear sir:

Looking through last week’s Fort Frances Times, I could not find even one mention or message regarding Good Friday and/or Easter.

Since these are the major Christian events we celebrate each year, I would think it a good thing for them to be recorded and also explained to the younger generation.



Mark Gerber

Good idea?

Dear editor:

A fort is not a benign architectural structure. As a visual statement, it’s not in any way symbolic of peaceful co-existence or fair trade.

To the contrary, a fort carries the weight of a specific narrative as a defensive edge in a vast territory, and as part of an offensive network where the unambiguous goal was colonial expansion.

Totally agree

Dear editor:

I totally agree with the letter in last Wednesday’s paper written by Peter and Linda York regarding the selling of the property on Front and Nelson Streets to a contractor in Thunder Bay.

Had a blast

Dear editor:

A big thank you to the organizers of the hockey tournament for Novice- and Atom-aged girls last weekend (Feb. 5-7) in Fort Frances.

My daughter had a blast from not just playing hockey but also the extras like the Sock Hop, which was fantastic.


Dear sir:

It is not often that reading an article in the Fort Frances Times brings forth a feeling of utter astonishment yet “OSSTF, school board still at odds” (Feb. 10) managed to do just that.

I am not at all surprised that so many teachers came out to protest against the school board. What is astonishing is the reaction of the board.

Dreams crushed

Dear editor:

There has been a group working hard for the last while trying to get an assisted living project off the ground.

Unfortunately, their dreams were crushed with the town’s decision to see the lots they needed to a contractor from Thunder Bay.

Bring back fort

Dear editor:

In a 2003 Fort Frances Times’ article about the demolition of Fort St. Pierre, former museum curator Pam Hawley was quoted as saying, “We’ve thought about constructing a replica of the fort in the future, so it’s something we might see returning.”

I believe the proposed market square project is now our opportunity to bring the fort back to Fort Frances.

Great support

Dear editor:

I would like to express how impressed I am with the support the community has given the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts.

Our talent show and bake sale fundraiser last week was very well-attended and the response the performers received from the audience was enthusiastic.