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Letter to the Editor

Dead fish


Regarding the recent virulent hostility to Sen. Lynn Beyak—her critics obviously do not understand that only dead fish drift with the stream.

Yours faithfully,

A.J. Mackintosh

Fort Frances, Ont.

Discuss views

Dear editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor but the attempted character assignation of Sen. Lynn Beyak prompts me to do so.

When everyone thinks alike, no one is thinking. This is nothing short of a mob lynching.

Seeking tips

Dear editor:

On the morning of Thursday, Sept. 21, my son was struck by a vehicle as he was crossing the street on his way to school.

The woman left the scene and never reported it, so I am asking for the public's assistance in bringing this person to justice and raising awareness of a dangerous intersection, distracted driving, and the safety of our children.

Dying for tax cuts

Dear sir:

In an “open letter” to local MPs Don Rusnak and Bob Nault, published in the Sept. 13 edition of the Fort Frances Times, local Conservative Doug Judson continued his unfair and duplicitous tirade against Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Why he chose to write an “open letter” to federal MPs to complain about a provincial premier is not readily apparent.

Unexpected treasure

Dear Mike:

My husband and I were out walking by the river this afternoon [last week] when something in one of the flower beds by the marina caught my eye—a brightly-coloured rock lay in stark contrast to the dark earth.

My husband and I both admired the rock that was painted with a beautiful water scene.

Rife with bias

Dear editor:

Re: Pesticides are killing more than bees [an article by Mia Rabson of the Canadian Press that appeared in the Sept. 19 edition of the Daily Bulletin].

Making a difference

Dear editor:

We've come a long way from where “it used to be,” when the warehousing of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities was painfully routine.

The Province of Ontario closed institutional facilities and provided opportunities for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to enjoy living in their communities.

Ill-conceived policies

Dear editor:

Please accept this open letter to Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Don Rusnak and Kenora MP Bob Nault:

Over the past several weeks, I have heard from countless voters in the Kenora and Rainy River districts who have asked why the Liberals are against small businesses and family-run enterprises.

Replace dam

Dear editor:

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is back visiting the dam at Esox Lake and their approach to it is the same as in 2003.

No photo-op

Dear sir:

Something needs to be said in response to the miserable article that the Wynne Liberals are sinking Ontario which appeared in the Aug. 16 edition of the Times.