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Letter to the Editor

Keep it up

Dear editor:

As a long-time resident of the Golden Age Manor in Emo, I would like to make a comment on the recent addition to beauty of our village.

You have probably heard that the Emo and District Lions Club was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Lions. They are not that many in number, but they have outdone their size many times.

Preparing ourselves?

Dear editor:

A prophecy update for western Ontario will include a note that sunspot activity is declining.

It is predictable that the atmosphere will cool as it did after 1400, 1600, 1800, and now we are in the 50 years after 2000.

A little Ice Age perhaps?

This will affect all of nature, man and beast, flowers and farms, and the cost of transport.

Voicing support

Dear editor:

I am writing to voice my support for the Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission.

The commission has been struck to make recommendations to the provincial government about whether to create one or two additional electoral ridings out of the current ridings of Kenora-Rainy River and Timmins-James Bay.

Support football

Dear Mr. Behan:

Did you know that the Fort Frances High School football team is the longest-running school team the high school has ever had?

I didn't know that, either, until just recently—and I'm hoping that long-running history will continue.


Dear editor:

The Town of Fort Frances is looking to cut back and save money, yes?

To what advantage is removing [and replacing] the perfectly good sidewalks at the Civic Centre?

Our town's sidewalks in other areas are atrocious and either being removed or just spray-painted.

Will someone answer this letter?


Ken Grynol

Fond memories

Dear Mr. Editor:

I am writing this letter to express how disappointed we are with the Ministry of Natural Resources' decision to close Boffin Lake to overnight camping.

My family and I have used that same spot for the past 18 years for our family's holidays. In that time, we have formed many friendships and have a lot of great memories there.


Mr. Editor:

I was disappointed to see that the OPP press release, headlined “Two teens charged in goat killing,” had been relegated to page A3 of the April 12 edition of the Fort Frances Times and did not include the names of those involved; even though both the Thunder Bay and Winnipeg newspapers did name these young men.

Real blessing


I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for our MP, Don Rusnak, for taking a trip to Israel.

Israel, although small, is an important country in the world. It constantly is in the news and has endured much hostility from other countries.

Not worth cost

Dear editor:

Town council is letting us down by even considering the removal of traffic lights just to save a few hundred dollars, especially near an elementary school.

A four-way stop makes it even more dangerous for children to cross.