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Letter to the Editor

Back to the future

Dear editor:

Will Doug Ford please tell us what his carbon plan for Ontario is?

Stephen Harper never would admit that a levy—which he favoured—was the same as a carbon tax. Now one of his most fervent foot soldiers, Jason Kenney, is saying “yes” to a carbon tax or levy—to be paid by industries that emit carbon (Maclean's July, 2018).

Worth addressing

Dear editor:

While attending a funeral, I noted how people appealed to God as the final hope at the end of their days on Earth. I wondered if they appealed to Him prior to this.

This got me thinking about meaning and purpose to life. If, indeed, there is meaning or purpose, then there must be a right way to live it. If there is a right way, then there also must be a wrong way.

Scrapping sex-ed bad idea

Dear editor,

I was dismayed when I read the news that Doug Ford will be scrapping Ontario's new LGBTQ friendly sex-ed curriculum, during Pride Week, after already failing to show up for the Toronto Pride Parade.

If we had any doubts about Ford's homophobia, let them be laid to rest.

Grateful to the Lord

Dear editor,

Good day, sir. I was reading last week's Fort Frances Times and checking out all the various happenings, and some of these things with all the letters and numbers looked quite interesting to me. I was thinking it was some totally new invention.

Please thank them

Dear editor:

Another great July 1 celebration in Fort Frances—despite the unfavourable weather conditions beginning the day and continuing into the early afternoon.

When the events at the Point got underway, the people started coming to enjoy the many activities prepared by Cynthia Donald, Joyce McCormick, Cathy Richards, and their awesome team of workers.


Dear editor:

Thanks for the fine story about the Canadian Open five-pin bowling championships in Gatineau, PQ.

Kudos to the writer!


Ray Marco

Dunmore, Alta.


Dear editor:

In reading last Wednesday's issue of the Fort Frances Times, I noted with great interest the letter to you from Randy Wilde.

This letter impressed me deeply. Mr. Wilde did an excellent job of comparing Doug Ford with Donald Trump.

Shudder to think

Dear editor:

When I listen to Doug Ford, I hear Donald Trump and shudder to think what will be left of our province should they [the Progressive Conservatives] assume power.

After listening to the leaders' debate [held May 27], all I heard from Doug Ford was that he was going to make Ontario great again and blaze a new trail for everyone. No explanation on method of doing so.


Dear Mike:

Eighty years ago, a deadly fire took the lives of 17 people in Dance Township. Ten years ago, a committee of dedicated volunteers got together and created a monument commemorating this horrific loss of life and to honour the families that survived.

These same volunteers have been maintaining the site since then.