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Letter to the Editor

Clear snow

Dear editor:

Winter can be very icy and there are many ways to prevent it. [But] the streets are unacceptable, forcing people to go to big box stores instead of small businesses.


Dear sir:

As a teacher with the Rainy River District School Board, I became used to hearing a certain refrain: “There's no money.”

As jobs were cut, as programs were cut back or eliminated, as the resources available were diminished and eroded, we heard the same song, “There's no money.”


Dear editor:

I want to thank everyone for their generous donations of money, food, and supplies that were given to the “Loaves and Fishes” soup kitchen in 2017.

The people and businesses in Rainy River District are so willing to help when they see a need.

Taking flak

Dear editor:

As a board member of the Sister Kennedy Senior Centre, I have been taking a lot of flak about the name change.

First of all, I was never aware the name change was the goal of three, and maybe four, members of this board.

The sole objective with the new sign was to clearly state the building was a town-owned senior centre. Not to remove “Sister.”

Re-opening debate

Dear editor:

To say I am upset would be an understatement regarding the hasty name change at the Sister Kennedy Centre, now officially named the Fort Frances Senior Centre.

For this change to be reverted means it being brought back to the council table for another vote and must have special circumstances to do so.


Dear editor:

For just over two years, the Emo Child Care Centre board, a volunteer, non-profit organization, has been working on a strategy to address the lack of licensed child care options in the Emo, Barwick, and Stratton area.

So very proud

Dear editor:

As the holiday season draws to a close, I want to take a moment to thank the Choraliers for making my Christmas so special.

What a great group of people! I am extremely proud of each and every member!

Such a privilege

Dear editor:

A big thank you to Rainycrest for allowing me the opportunity to work with the residents and have a performing choir at Christmas.

It originated because one of the residents, Joe Gervais, approached me one day and asked if I would start a choir there.

Upsetting decision

Dear Editor:

Initially I must apologize for not responding to the change of name at the Sister Kennedy Centre in the Dec. 20th edition of the Fort Frances Times.

I must thank both Nora Paulenko and Margaret Rousseau for providing the impetus to get me to put pen to paper.

Huge success

Dear editor,

The 2017 “Coats4Kids” campaign is now over and has been branded as a huge success.

With the help of more than 20 local partners, the Knights of Columbus have secured eight dozen brand new winter coats for at-risk youths in our community.

This will bring some relief to struggling families in our community this Advent.