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Letter to the Editor

'Lefty' missing

Dear editor:

On Thursday afternoon, at 55+ bowling, “Lefty” went missing!

“Lefty” is a wide-base leather running shoe (Shoes for Crews) and no comparison to the sleek Skechers left behind.

Skechers was forced to come home with me but returned to the bowling alley the following Saturday in hopes of an exchange. Alas, no sign of “Lefty” or Skechers.

Call it what it is

Dear editor:

The recent school shootings in the United States and the reasons given for these shootings by mainstream media have been misleading, and the purpose of this letter is to draw attention to one of the root causes of this senseless violence.

Remember it's 'RickFord'

Dear editor:

As provincial election day looms closer, one can't help but notice the sea of blue signs dotting the town.

These civic-minded citizens are showing their support for who they believe is the best choice to represent Kenora-Rainy River.

Three cheers

Dear editor:

I recently came to visit family in Rainy River District, and made a trip into Fort Frances to do some shopping and run errands for family.

On the way in, I came across a being of immense politeness and courteousness, not to mention a beacon of road safety!

Points to clarify

Dear editor:

First, the Fort Frances Girls and Women's Hockey Association (FFGWHA) would like to thank the Fort Frances Times for its outstanding coverage of the local sports scene and, in particular, coverage of FFGWHA events.

Sign needed

Dear editor:

I have crossed the international bridge here many, many, many times over the years knowing full well how long the lines can be on a hot Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer.

No matter which way you are going—north or south—you can expect a wait.

Costly rules

Dear editor:

To the Town of Fort Frances. Whoever put into place the rules for the subsidized day care spaces, I would like to thank you.

Through your tireless efforts to make sure these spaces are not abused, I will not be able to take my granddaughters on a holiday this year unless I pay you $100 a day for the privilege.


Dear editor:

Canadians, I thought, were a humble people or nation with different cultures and religions all equal to equal time, not weeks or a month.

I do not support pride, which comes before a great fall. I love the sinners, of which I am one, but not the sin.

Smear campaign

Dear editor:

I was disappointed by the news that NDP brass in Toronto had disqualified Matt Soprovich from seeking the party's nomination in Kenora-Rainy River, sidelining a Fort Frances resident in favour of their preferred candidate from Kenora.

In doing so, they have smeared a good person and an active member of our community.

Disqualified from running

Dear editor

and friends:

These last few weeks have been an exciting time for me. Since announcing my intention to seek the NDP nomination in Kenora-Rainy River, I was fortunate to get a great deal of support and encouragement right from the start.