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Letter to the Editor

Favouritism abounds

Dear editor,

In comment to the article in last Wednesday’s paper, “Emo Speedway now forced to reduce driver payouts,” Sonny Ferris is complaining about low attendance in the stands and about the lack of interest surrounding the Emo Speedway.


Dear sir:

We would like to congratulate the directors, committees, volunteers, and press personnel of the 1997 Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship on a job well done.

Being part of the tournament made us realize the many hours of hard work these people committed themselves to in order to make this event a great success.


Dear sir:

The following is part of a letter the Mid District High School Committee sent to the Minister of Environment and Energy.

Dear Hon. Sterling,

Now I know

Dear sir:

I’m writing in regard to the column by Mike Behan, “Moving With Mike,” in the July 16 issue of the Fort Frances Times.

Last Tuesday, July 22, I decided to try the “Dial-A-Ride Van.” I found it certainly wasn’t what I need. Here’s why: