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Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Policies

All newspapers encourage letters to the editor and intend to print the opinions of their readers with as few restrictions as possible. The Fort Frances Times is no exception.

Rules governing letters to the editor in the Fort Frances Times are:

  1. All letters must be signed, and the name of the write will be printed with all letters published.
  2. The writer must submit his/her letter in person and satisfactory identify themselves, or submit a telephone number to be used to verify that the letter was actually written by the person whose name is included on it, delaying publication if necessary to make the verification.
  3. Letter will not be accepted from people outside the local coverage area unless the letters are written on a topic of primarily local interest.
  4. If a letter attacks another individual or group, the Times will allow a response in the same edition.
  5. Letters should not exceed 300 words and may be edited for length and content.

War is not a game

Dear Mr. Behan:

President Clinton talks of destroying Iraq’s capability to produce “weapons of mass destruction." Prime Minister Chrétien talks of "cleaning up that mess over there." And Mr. Nault, our elected member of Parliament, says he is ”disappointed that we didn’t finish the job last time by ‘permanently removing’ Saddam Hussein (Kenora Daily Miner and News, Feb. 11, 1998).


Harold Ernest Austin, 82, of Emo, Ont., passed away Wednesday, Feb. 18, 1998 at the Emo Hospital.

He was born May 22, 1915 in Winnipeg, Man. to the late Roy and Alice Austin. As a child, Harold moved with his family to Lash Township. There the family farmed for many years, with Harold later operating the family farm, and working as a bookkeeper.


Chester Isaiah Huntley, 87, of Rainycrest Home for the Aged, 550 Osborne St., Fort Frances, Ont., passed away Monday, Feb. 16, 1998 at La Verendrye General Hospital.

He was born Jan. 20, 1911 in Caron, Sask. to the late Isaiah and Ethel Huntley. Chester moved to the Rainy River District in 1933, and lived in the Bergland area until moving to Rainy River, Ont. in 1995.

Memorable ride

Dear sir:

The JK teachers would like to publicly say how impressed we were with the snowmobile ride which was organized for our young students at Sixth Street School on Jan. 22-23.


Dear sir:

On Saturday evening, Jan. 24, La Place Rendez-Vous was the site of a benefit dinner for eight-year-old Stephanie Carroll, who is undergoing treatment for cancer in Winnipeg.

Save us a seat?!

Dear Fort Frances:

Hello from Calgary!

My lovely wife and I enjoy receiving the Times and reading about the grand structures your town is creating. Gosh, first a multi-use facility (sounds very complicated), then a state-of-the-art auditorium and now an Olympic-size arena!


Dear sir:

To the Hydro crew from Fort Frances.

We would like to thank you very, very much for helping restore the electricity to our small town of Elma, Ont.

We know that you travelled a long way from Northern Ontario to help their fellow countrymen. We hope that you will soon be done so you can go home to your family and friends who surely do miss you all.

This is your land

Dear sir:

There appears to be an opinion in this part of the district that if more of Northwestern Ontario’s forest land is designated as protected area as a result of the “Lands for Life” consultation process currently in progress, we will be conceding to the desires of the greater eastern population while creating economic difficulties here in the north.