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Letter to the Editor



I would like to use your letters column to publicly thank everyone who has expressed their love and concern for my son, Lantana Wind Dancer, whose story was told in last week’s Fort Frances Times (“Toddler survives dog attack”).

‘Ugly politics?’


Is Howard Hampton confused or incompetent? On March 21, 1998, he stated in the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal, on page 4, that “New hospitals are reserved for the wealthy 905 suburbs around Toronto where the Tories get the greatest percentage of their votes.”

Overwhelming support

Dear sir:

Once every five years, the Fort Frances Bowling Club hosts the Sunset Country 5-Pin Bowling Aggregate Tournament, where six teams from each affiliated community compete for the coveted aggregate banner.

Even though the Fort Frances bowlers were defeated this year (let’s just say we were too busy hosting), the weekend was a success.

Many thanks

Dear sir:

This past weekend, March 20-22, Tom Thumb minor hockey held a tournament in Fort Frances. The Times Tigers won the “A runner-up.” We’re proud to come in second out of 14 teams.


Dear sir:

This letter is in response to the announcement in Monday’s Bulletin, “Infant death investigated.”

First of all, the way this comes across to some people is harsh. Maybe whoever wrote this report up should stop and think of the families involved before they decide on their headlines.


Dear editor:

Since stirring up some negative feeling last week, I thought a bit of positive information would be appropriate for this week.

I would like to congratulate the road crew for Chapple for taking advantage of the weather and road conditions and hauling gravel to repair and fix up the roads.


Dear Mr. Behan:

Often, the relationship between schools and their neighbours is less than cordial. This is not the case at St. Michael’s School.

Be kind to each other

Dear sir:

The story of my life as I am, and as will be in the years to come . . . .

In 1973, a child was born into this world as it is. It is very rough back in the world we live in. There are some people in this wild world that don’t understand the different people in this town of Fort Frances.

Support needed

Dear sir:

Sometime ago, a letter had been written to you questioning whether anything could be done to “help the kids hanging around the pool hall,” since it appeared that those young persons complained of having nothing to do.