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Letter to the Editor

Vote carefully

Dear sir:

I would like to take a bit of space in your paper to say a few words to the electors.

First, I am pleased to see that we are having real elections in Fort Frances. There is some competition for each position. This is good—it means that the citizens are aware that competition in elections makes for true democracy.

No comparison

To the editor,

Just a few lines in regards to Arlene Georgeson's letter in last week's paper (Oct. 29) about the transit system which was discontinued.

Unless you, Arlene, were dependent on the bus for transportation, and unless you had to use it like all the seniors did, you cannot possibly have any idea how it affected people to have it taken away.

My story

Dear editor:

Recent letters to the editor concerning Bill 160 have been written by teachers who have been in the game for a while. I thought the public might be interested to hear what a first-year teacher had to say.

Looking for roots

Dear editor:

I am researching my family history and would like to ask your readers for their assistance.

I am searching for information on my grandmother, Christina Beatrice Mosher, who was born on Feb. 23, 1897 in Fort Frances, Ont. Her mother's name was Christina Crowe and her father's name was Daniel Mosher.

Gambling a disease

Dear sir:

On Nov. 10, during the municipal election, we, the voters of Fort Frances, will be given the opportunity to stop the proliferation of gambling in Fort Frances. We will be asked if we support video lottery terminals (VLTs) and the establishment of a charitable gaming club in our community.


To the editor,

In regard to the letter from Arlene Georgeson. I wonder when you had to depend on the bus.

Personally, I used it a lot and I do not remember one time when there wasn't at least six-eight on that bus when I got on.

And I wasn't the first to get on; nor the last.

Who to believe?

Dear sir

Last week, a news conference was held at Queen's Park by Ernie Eves, the minister of finance for the Government of Ontario. Mr. Eves stated that education spending has remained steady for the past two years.

He referred to drastic government cuts to education spending as a “myth.”


Dear sir:

An open letter to the Hon. David Johnson, minister of Education and Training, re: Bill 160—a bill to defraud the students of Ontario of their right to a quality education; a bill designed to concentrate fiscal and decision-making power in the hands of one man based in Toronto.