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Letter to the Editor


Dear editor:

Since stirring up some negative feeling last week, I thought a bit of positive information would be appropriate for this week.

I would like to congratulate the road crew for Chapple for taking advantage of the weather and road conditions and hauling gravel to repair and fix up the roads.


Dear Mr. Behan:

Often, the relationship between schools and their neighbours is less than cordial. This is not the case at St. Michael’s School.

Be kind to each other

Dear sir:

The story of my life as I am, and as will be in the years to come . . . .

In 1973, a child was born into this world as it is. It is very rough back in the world we live in. There are some people in this wild world that don’t understand the different people in this town of Fort Frances.

Support needed

Dear sir:

Sometime ago, a letter had been written to you questioning whether anything could be done to “help the kids hanging around the pool hall,” since it appeared that those young persons complained of having nothing to do.


Murray McLean, 56, of 270 Scott St., Fort Frances, Ont., passed away at his residence Sunday, Feb. 22, 1998.

He was born Feb. 3, 1942 in Devlin, Ont. to the late Arnold and Helen McLean. Murray had worked as a surveyor for the Department of Highways, the Town of Fort Frances, and later for George Armstrong Ltd.

War is not a game

Dear Mr. Behan:

President Clinton talks of destroying Iraq’s capability to produce “weapons of mass destruction." Prime Minister Chrétien talks of "cleaning up that mess over there." And Mr. Nault, our elected member of Parliament, says he is ”disappointed that we didn’t finish the job last time by ‘permanently removing’ Saddam Hussein (Kenora Daily Miner and News, Feb. 11, 1998).