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Letter to the Editor

Cruel and unjust punishment


For years, Canadians have felt smug because of their very good justice system. Our judges are appointed and not elected. Their tenure is secure (it takes an act of parliament to fire one). And politicians are wary of making any reference to a case before the court.

Important training

To the editor:

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a training session organized to teach lay people how to maintain and use fire extinguishers.

This excellent session was sponsored by Abitibi-Consolidated through its “Off the Job” safety committee, and the trainer was Deputy Fire Chief Charlie Turgeon.

Who’s winning?

Dear editor:

After spending two delightful evenings watching “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at Fort Frances High School, I began to ponder what our premier, Mike Harris, would have been thinking had he been present.

I don’t think his reaction would have been similar to mine.

Many thanks

Dear sir:

The La Verendrye Hospital Auxiliary thanks the residents of Fort Frances and district for their enthusiastic support of our annual tag day. This was a very successful day made possible by the generous help of many volunteers.

The funds from this will enable the auxiliary to purchase much-needed equipment for the hospital.


M. McTaggart,

In response

Editor’s note: Given the nature of Mr. Laverdure’s letter, it was held one week to give Safeway an opportunity to respond in the same issue.

I am pleased to report that Safeway is contracting the services of many Ontario, and specifically Fort Frances, companies throughout our $5-million expansion.

Hiring concerns

Dear sir:

As a union organizer, I am writing to express my concern over the hiring of non-union, out of province contractors and tradespeople at the Fort Frances Safeway expansion.

Fort Frances has always been primarily a strong union town. Safeway itself uses union employees.

Input appreciated

Dear sir:

Regarding the “How to” prepare festival entry articles, I only collect the information from various people in our community.

I think that children can be helped by being exposed to different approaches to solving problems. When local music or drama teachers share their approaches, children benefit from ideas they might not otherwise have access to.

Well done

Dear sir:

Last week, I had the pleasure of being a small part of the Rainy River District Music and Drama Festival.

I would like publicly to commend the participants, the organizers and volunteers, and the teachers and parents involved.

Honour and dishonour

Dear sir:

Hopefully, you will find space for these lines, written by a relic from the past. If my English seems somewhat stilted, it is because I have now been living in Norway for more than 50 long years.