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Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Policies

All newspapers encourage letters to the editor and intend to print the opinions of their readers with as few restrictions as possible. The Fort Frances Times is no exception.

Rules governing letters to the editor in the Fort Frances Times are:

  1. All letters must be signed, and the name of the write will be printed with all letters published.
  2. The writer must submit his/her letter in person and satisfactory identify themselves, or submit a telephone number to be used to verify that the letter was actually written by the person whose name is included on it, delaying publication if necessary to make the verification.
  3. Letter will not be accepted from people outside the local coverage area unless the letters are written on a topic of primarily local interest.
  4. If a letter attacks another individual or group, the Times will allow a response in the same edition.
  5. Letters should not exceed 300 words and may be edited for length and content.

Touchy issue

Dear sir:

This is in response to Allan Kielczewski’s letter to the editor last week. As I read the letter, I felt anger, then common sense set in. I read between the lines and sensed right away that Mr. K. (I can’t even spell his name, much less say it) didn’t like, as he put it, our aboriginal people (like he owned us).

Tryout misconception

Dear editor:

I am writing to you in response to a letter to the editor in the Sept. 9 edition of the Times.

According to this letter, a young man has been deprived of an opportunity to play high school hockey at Fort Frances High School. Obviously, there has been a communication breakdown between the school and the community with regards to hockey tryouts.

A-1 care

Dear sir:

I recently spent a few days in La Verendrye hospital here. The newly-decorated west wing, in my opinion, has the most modern equipment and the nicest decor of any hospital unit I have ever been in.

Eager to start

Dear sir:

We are delighted and thankful to God for the opportunity He has afforded us to minister in both the practical and spiritual work of The Salvation Army in Fort Frances.

Deserving thanks

To the editor:

I think a great big thank you is in order to Stacy and Wayne Johnson, who have done a wonderful job down at the Sorting Gap Marina the past couple of years.

Appealing for peace

Dear Mr. Editor:

A “Minute of Silence, a Moment of Sound”—these are the watchwords of the United Nations International Peace Day.

On the third Tuesday in September at noon, people throughout the world are invited to join the delegates of the United Nations General Assembly in a minute of silent reflection on world peace.

Big smiles

Dear sir:

On behalf of the Sioux Lookout Hudson Association for Community Living staff and residents, Victoria and Barb, who recently attended the Emo Fall Fair and concerts, we would like to thank the many people who made our trip a huge success.

TV listings lacking

Dear sir:

I confess! I like to watch television. What I don’t like is our TV guide.

In my opinion, it leaves a lot to be desired. First, it is not a complete listing as it only goes to midnight, and I’m sure some of the stations have programming later than that.