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Letter to the Editor

Take energy forward

Dear editor:

I’d like to address some of the recent comments around the market square and the fort idea.

First of all, it’s good to see so many people willing to share their thoughts. It quickly becomes clear how passionate our residents are about their community and where it is headed; and truly that’s not a great surprise.

Ramp needed

Dear editor:

I am writing as a concerned handicapped driver and citizen.

For the past three years, I have been a regular daily visitor parking at Rainycrest. It immediately became obvious that the handicapped parking was “for the birds.”

Chime in

Dear editor:

I am writing this letter to the editor in protest to the concerned citizen who felt it was necessary to contact the police regarding my 10-and-a-half year-old son delivering his paper routes 33A, 33B, and 34.

Saluting nurses

Dear editor:

In celebration of National Nurses Week, Riverside Health Care would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to our entire nursing staff.

La Verendrye General Hospital, Emo Health Centre, Rainy River Health Centre, and Rainycrest Long-Term Care, as well as our community programs, are privileged to have such dedicated registered nurses and registered practical nurses.

Narrow minds

Dear editor:

This is a response to the “Scandalous” letter you published on April 27.

What I find “disheartening” about this letter is that still today in 2016, we have people who still have such narrow minds. It’s unfortunate that it is still frowned upon to dress your male child in pink due to the misconception of a gender stereotype.

Shame on you

Dear editor:

I am writing this in response to the letter entitled “Scandalous” in your paper last week.

While I am not here to dispute Mr. Johnson’s claims, as it is my belief that such ignorance and bigotry is inarguable, I am here to say shame on you for printing such hate speech and giving this man a platform from which he can spew his horrendous nonsense.

Big jeer

Dear editor:

I’d like to extend a big public jeer to Jerome Johnson for last week’s thinly-veiled homophobic rant disguised as a letter to the editor (“Scandalous,” April 27.)

You’ve clearly expressed yourself with the clarity and logic of a YouTube comment section when you try to argue that a boy’s shirt choice may one day somehow magically turn him into a homosexual.

Stop hate

Dear editor:

The definition of scandalous: causing general public outrage by a perceived offence against morality or law.

When I saw a letter to the editor entitled as such, I thought to myself, “Well, I better click on that.” However, I wish I hadn’t.