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Such a privilege

Dear editor:

A big thank you to Rainycrest for allowing me the opportunity to work with the residents and have a performing choir at Christmas.

It originated because one of the residents, Joe Gervais, approached me one day and asked if I would start a choir there.

My reply? “You find some singers and I would love to.” He did just that and three years ago, the Hallett Hall Choraliers became a choir (their choice of name, by the way).

It has been such a privilege for me to work with them. What a delightful group of people that warm my heart every time I see them.

The Activation staff is amazing, in more ways than one. I walk into Hallett Hall to practise each week and there is my choir, all ready and so very quiet, just waiting for me, thanks to Activation.

Our performance was held on Dec. 13 and they sounded awesome! One very special moment was when Bernie Gagne sang three verses of “Silent Night” in French. Then I had the choir and audience join in on the first verse (in English, of course).

There were tears, mostly mine!

I was soooo proud of the choir and I must say they looked pretty sparkly! The Rainycrest Auxiliary had donated red and green lighted necklaces, which each singer got to keep.

The auxiliary also bought a large cake for the choir, family, and friends to enjoy following the performance while Rainycrest provided the punch.

It was a wonderful time to share the camaraderie!

I am hoping to have a late spring performance in 2018. They love to sing so why not?

We'll keep the public posted!


Diane Maxey

Fort Frances, Ont.

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